Tri6: Infinite 0.3.1 (Alpha #2)

Today we have a new alpha build of Tri6: Infinite for you!

Today we have a new alpha build of Tri6: Infinite for you!

It took longer than I wanted to, but due to some work necessary for Elemental War, our new big project and some freelance work there was not much time to spend on it. The next updates though should be done faster now.

Update 0.3.1 improved the Bike movement a lot. Compared to 0.3.0 I like it a lot more and I really would like to get some feedback and hear your opinions on it.

Besides that I changed the behavior of passive powerups. Instead of replacing the one the player already has when driving through a powerup now the powerup has to be used to get a new one.

And when already speaking of powerups: Now there is a new one! That’s the Brake powerup that – surprise, surprise – allows you to slow down for a short time. Sounds ridiculous, but the idea in Tri6 in general is that there is no way to slow down.

Full changelog


  • added Brake powerup
  • improved Bike controls/movement
  • players now will only get a new passive powerup when they used the one they already had

To participate our alpha you need to join our Discord. There we have a section for Tri6: Infinite including the download link and channels for feedback and bug reports.

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