Spine 1.41.0

Spine 1.41 is here!

Spine 1.41 is here!

Spine 1.41 is now available. It’s a small update again.

For the translator tool DeepL was reintegrated. That means texts will pre-translated using DeepL’s web API to provide some suggestion for a real translation. As we use the free tier we’re limited by the amount we can translate each month, but that’s hopefully no big deal at some point.

On the bug side there was a crash when a disconnect happened during upload of a project. That is solved now.

Maybe the next update will be bigger again, but I kinda doubt it. Busy time at the moment.

If you encounter any problems, please let us know so we can have a look at it. Also try to provide as much information as possible like your last steps and log files.

Full changelog


  • Re-added DeepL support for translator


  • Fixed bug that caused Spine to crash when a disconnect happened during upload of new files

For questions and feedback either use the feedback functionality, have a look into the thread @ World of Gothic or join our Discord server.

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