Tri6: Infinite 0.4.1 (Alpha #6)

The latest update for Tri6: Infinite introduced new effects and several bug fixes for powerups and UI.

The latest update for Tri6: Infinite introduced new effects and several bug fixes for powerups and UI.


The new alpha version is available via our Discord. With this update all powerups are working now. The bike movement was improved as well as performance and code quality.


Alpha #5 unlocked all powerups also for singleplayer, but at least Shock Wave was known to not work properly. This has changed now. All powerups now work as intended and Shock Wave also has a nice new effect, it looks so great!

Some powerups still don’t make sense in singleplayer as there is no enemy yet. But this will change in the next updates. The AI code for some bots is already working. That means they can drive the track as the player can with their vehicle (at the moment it’s also the placeholder bike) and avoid obstacles. Of course they aren’t too clever. Some of them will get weapons to attack you, some will just try to distract you, but in the end you will need to get rid of them in one way or the other (either by letting them crash into obstacles or using your powerups).


No big progress on new obstacles yet, but this will change soon as we’re going to add first real graphics soon. But while experimenting with Unity’s new ECS and job system, which allow to write code to be more CPU friendly and use all CPU cores, I created an imo awesome new obstacle. I specify it as data stream, there are two versions that currently only differ in their direction, one for up stream and one for down stream. It’s pretty cool, you will notice them ingame and even though each of them has 1000 individual cubes that are moving around there I couldn’t measure any performance impact with several of them being active at a time. Still running absolutely fine on my machine. Of course we need to test some low end devices in the future.

What’s next?

The next update will get some general improvements here and there, mostly focussed on usability and code quality. Maybe I’ll even delay the next update by two or three weeks so it has some more content (bots!) and the first real graphics! But that’s something I’ll decide when we’re close to the update.

Full changelog


  • added vibration on collision on mobile
  • integrated Steam leaderboards
  • improved Shock Wave effect
  • added a new obstacle
  • added basic code for bots


  • fixed Shock Wave powerup
  • Mines shouldn’t fall through the map anymore (happened sometimes)
  • Speed and Brake fields don’t stop working anymore after a while
  • fixed Bouncing Ball being able to fly away
  • collision with mines should work properly now
  • fixed ingame UI in splitscreen on certain resolutions
  • fixed ingame UI being too small in UHD
  • fixed collision with Fake powerup
  • fixed exception leaving game while vehicle still fades out

To participate in our alpha you need to join our Discord. There we have a section for Tri6: Infinite including the download link and channels for feedback and bug reports.

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