Elemental War 2 1.0.7

Changelog for the new Elemental War 2 update 1.0.7.

Changelog for the new Elemental War 2 update 1.0.7.

Here we have another update for you. Again we fix a few issues here and there. But as there aren’t many bugs left luckily we were able to focus on more quality of life features that should improve your experience.

For the most important changes we released a video on YouTube. The full changelog is as usual below.

Depending on further feedback we’ll either directly work on a bigger update containing the new endless mode or squeeze another small patch inbetween. Feel free to share your opinions on this or your own ideas either in the Steam forums or on our Discord.



  • added item help page
  • added possibility to swap through tower levels in tower help menu
  • added option to enable double click for hold actions for gamepad
  • added favorite system to quick build towers
  • added tooltip hovering tower name in status screen showing its description


  • changing language ingame doesn’t properly update quest
  • fixed potential issue that could cause games on Crystal Desert not to end properly
  • fixed wrong keyboard key used in ingame help menu for type and mix filter
  • fixed ingame rank display only showing rank 10 worst case
  • fixed potential settings/progress loss on PlayStation when savegame is crashing
  • fixed Rootweave ignoring bonus damage of Buffer tower
  • fixed threshold for drawing board especially for infinity symbol being too low making it hard to solve this quest
  • made last waves on easy and medium difficulty a little easier by lowering their HP increase
  • fixed some status effects not using proper damage
  • fixed Flamethrower being too powerful

If you have questions, feedback or just want to talk with us, join our Discord​.

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2 thoughts on “Elemental War 2 1.0.7

  1. hello. what do the two “firing modes” do specifically? I see the two mode icons on each tower but there isn’t any explanation

    1. Hey,

      The default firing mode is “Attack closest monster”. That means when the tower has no target (defeated last one) it will use the monster that is closest to the tower as new target.

      The second mode is “Attack first monster”. That means the tower will chose the monster in range that’s closest to the end portal.

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