Elemental War 1.0.0

Today, after 9 months, Elemental War is leaving Early Access. We added a lot of features in this time and want to sum up the highlights in this news.

Elemental War 0.9.16

Full release is coming closer and closer and we’re still in the process of improving Elemental War!

Elemental War 0.9.14

Elemental War 0.9.14 has been released on Steam, and Kartridge with multiplayer out of beta, a new alliance challenge, several bugfixes and performance improvements.

Elemental War 0.9.13 Hotfix 1

After testing a little more yesterday and capturing ingame footage for the new multiplayer trailer we found some bugs that we thought might be worth a patch out of the usual order as we found two freezes ingame and some balancing problems caused by the not properly working Cheat 1 skill.

Elemental War 0.9.13

We’re already six months in Early Access and now we have the biggest update for you so far that brings you multiplayer!

Elemental War 0.9.12

Here we go with another update. This is the last update before we finally release our multiplayer mode, so stay tuned!