Spine 1.26.0

The last big Spine update for this year is out now and brings user reviews!

The last big Spine update for this year is out now and brings user reviews!

With Spine 1.26.0 now the last (big) update for Spine for this years gets released before we continue as usual in January. Again we have several bugfixes and optimizations like a working translator, better display of numbers, ignored updates work again and more.

The big new feature are user reviews. So far it was only possible to rate a game/mod from 1-5. Now you can also write a text review to share your opinion. The engagement for writing a review is honored with XP for the Spine level, but keep in mind that abusing the system can lead to getting locked from writing reviews and also completely banned.

Anyway, merry christmas to everybody and nice holidays and a lot of fun with playing during that time.

Full changelog


  • Added support for user reviews


  • Optimized number formatting
  • Removed minimum from stats as it’s almost always 0
  • Temporarily disabled download notifications
  • Games and updates now are hidden properly in developer mode
  • Fixed bug starting plugins with Union
  • Added check to avoid downloads paths within the Spine folder
  • Spine version now also loaded for Management
  • Added security mechanism to prohibit access to folders above the related one
  • Translator works again
  • Fixed problem with ignored updates

For questions and feedback either use the feedback functionality, have a look into the thread @ World of Gothic or join our Discord server.

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