Tri6: Infinite 0.4.0 (Alpha #5)

The new Tri6: Infinite update improves gameplay, unlocks all powerups also for singleplayer and fixes some bugs with the new powerups.

Starting with Tri6: Infinite 0.4.0 all powerups now are available also in singleplayer. They don’t make that much sense there yet, but will become useful as soon as we add some obstacles that need to be destroyed or you to be protected.


The new alpha version is available via our Discord. With this update now all powerups can be used in singleplayer.


Well, as mentioned before, all powerups now can be used in singleplayer. This includes e.g. the Missile, Bouncing Ball and Mine powerup. They don’t make sense there yet as there is nothing to shoot on, but this will change in a future update. For now they are in there so everybody can easily test their basic functionality.

So far it seems like all powerups are working properly except the Shock Wave. And Bouncing Balls behave a little weird as they can bounce into the air and also leave the map. If you want to see something funny try Shock Wave in this version, it will hopefully be fixed with the next update.

What’s next?

The next update will get more improvements on the gameplay and graphics side. Besides that some work has to be done to add the stuff you can defeat with your powerups. The technical base for this will at least be started for the next update.

The work on the first ingame graphics might also start in the next weeks, but this will take a while and so be not part of the next update. Probably in November or December if nothing unforseen happens.

Full changelog


  • unlocked unlockables now are cached locally so they also can be used in offline mode
  • reduced duration of Speed powerup
  • removed weird cooldown of Jump, Speed and Brake fields
  • slowdown after speedup is now smooth instead of a complete speed cut
  • all powerups now are unlocked for all plattforms and game modes
  • Bouncing Ball now uses the selected player color
  • improved vehicle names
  • added trail effect for missile
  • improved collision effect
  • improved dimensions of mine powerup


  • logging into an existing account now properly synchronizes the unlockables
  • fixed light
  • fixed mine powerup not being thrown properly
  • fixed last four powerups not being unlockable

To participate our alpha you need to join our Discord. There we have a section for Tri6: Infinite including the download link and channels for feedback and bug reports.

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