Spine 1.37.0

The first Spine update of 2022 with new bugfixes and improvements.

The first Spine update of 2022 with new bugfixes and improvements.

Spine 1.37 is now available. The update fixes several bugs here and there like project icons not getting exchanged when they got updated by the project, an additional Gothic 3 entry getting created whenever a project of the “Game” category gets downloaded and some more stuff mostly relevant for developers.

I also added a few new features. As it came up quite often it’s now possible to directly fix the error message about missing dependencies when trying to start a mod with dependencies (like Archolos). This will then automatically download missing stuff ot make it work.

Also the file sizes now are tracked. That includes the compressed files (for all projects) and the uncompressed sizes (for new projects and updates of existing projects uploaded now). The compressed file sizes can be used to display the size of an update, while the uncompressed size can be used to show before the download how much disk space the project requires. As the download size for updates should be displayed now, the first entry in the Spine User Votes can be closed now. So if you voted for that feature, you now have a new vote available for one of the other features!

And finally I started the Visual Studio upgrade. Spine already works fine with the new version, even though 1.37 still is released with the old VS version. But now I can finally start working in the more important things regarding the UI overhaul. So 2022 might be an important year for Spine.

If you encounter any problems, please let us know so we can have a look at it. Also try to provide as much information as possible like your last steps and log files.

Full changelog


  • File size now get stored on server side
  • Changed files now are displayed in management
  • Optimized speed of upload processing
  • File sizes for updates now are getting displayed
  • Added possibility to install missing dependencies directly in the dialog with the error message


  • Fixed bug that caused links and images to break when changing language while writing news
  • Fixed bug that caused the icon cache not to update when icons got replaced
  • Fixed bug that caused score IDs not to get removed on tab change
  • Fixed bug that caused hidden status of achievements to be loaded wrong in management
  • Fixed bug that caused a Gothic 3 entry being added whenever a project got installed
  • Fixed bug in Polish translation

For questions and feedback either use the feedback functionality, have a look into the thread @ World of Gothic or join our Discord server.

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