Progress Report November 2021

Elemental War 2 is almost feature complete now! And an update on the missing Spine October update.

Elemental War 2 is almost feature complete now! And an update on the missing Spine October update.

This report covers Elemental War 2 and Spine.

Elemental War 2

The development for Elemental War 2 made very good progress in October. Coop mode is finished, PS4 and Stadia are basically running and PS5 is finished as well, just not tested yet. We just have some crashes on PS4 at the moment we need to figure out the cause to solve them. Might be some memory problem on PS4, but we’ll see. But yeah, code is done except for some platform specific features, so we’re moving forward pretty fast now.

On the content side we’re also almost done and will do the last important things in November (last maps). After that on the content side we just need to replace placeholder graphics which are only some item icons and all the achievements. Then we will also do some polishing there and improve some of the older things or add fancy features we usually don’t have time for.

We also added most of the new sounds. We will finish them now in November and hopefully will also add the final music then as we will have a completely new soundtrack!

Most time of November we will test and polish the game and finally put some serious effort into our marketing as this was our biggest weakness so far also for our previous projects. So expect to hear a lot more about Elemental War 2 on different channels soon!

We also consider doing some closed beta in December to get some feedback while we’re still able to fix and improve stuff. We will post an additional news for it once we have more informations!

If you’re interested in Elemental War 2 or just want to support us, please wishlist the game on Steam or your PS5. At least on Steam wishlists can help a lot to get pushed by the Steam algorithm.

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You already might have noticed that there was no update in October. That’s because I had absolutely no time due to the work on Elemental War 2. The good thing is that the code part of Elemental War 2 now is almost complete besides some minor platform specific things and bugfixing. And another thing is that I now try to split my time across different categories evenly. But as Spine is still just a side project I don’t know how much time I can reserve for it. Anyway, I want to release a new update in November because there are a few things I want to improve there. So expect at least that to happen.

The plan is to improve upload of projects as the preparation for these can take quite a while and is badly optimized. I also encountered an issue in the server fallback code that causes the fallback not to work under certain circumstances. In the end that leads to downloads not working at all instead of using our main server. And of course the Visual Studio upgrade is still an open task.

If you still miss mods or have problems, feel free to leave a comment or join our Discord.

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