Spine 1.24.0

The October update of Spine fixes a lot of bugs again and adds a new filter for the database to filter out installed projects.

The October update of Spine fixes a lot of bugs again and adds a new filter for the database to filter out installed projects.

Spine 1.24.0 again fixes a lot of bugs that got reported since Spine 1.23.0 last month. Included are fixes both for players like a display bug for downloads of the renderer or starting mods for Gothic 2 that haven’t been installed via Spine when the Gothic 1 and 2 paths match as well as for developers like screenshot updates not working properly.

We also got a request for a new database filter to hide projects that already are installed. So we decided to add that one. And as we had to add a content report functionality for Elemental War and Tri6: Infinite we decided to also add it to Spine. In the ranking and on info pages you will find the new content report button at the bottom. If you see content you find inappropriate you can report it now. But please don’t abuse it, otherwise we will block you.

We also tweaked the Spine level again, but after a first look the XP increase for playtime seems a little to high now. So this might change with a future update again.

We have some fixes and additions planned for the next update as we have some more time now. Still feel free to suggest your ideas as well. Our long term plan is to overhaul the complete UI to improve the visual quality and the user experience. This will take a few months and we hope to be able to release it somewhen during 2021.

Full changelog


  • One now also gets experience points for projects that haven’t been played long
  • Added filter for installed projects in database
  • Added possibility to report inappropriate content


  • User management in management area gets correctly updated now when switching tabs
  • Fixed problem with mod start when starting as admin and having symlinks disabled in Windows
  • Uninstalling a project via the library now updates the status in the database
  • New screenshots with same name now are updated correctly
  • Initial setup of screenshot and download path now gets stored correctly
  • Projects that don’t have a name in the UI language or in English now still can be edited in management
  • Download progress now also shows the skipped DirectX redistributable
  • Fixed bug starting mods that haven’t been installed via Spine when paths match except for Gothic version

For questions and feedback either use the feedback functionality, have a look into the thread @ World of Gothic or join our Discord server.

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