Spine 1.25.0

Winter is coming and so is a new Spine update with plenty of Quality of Life improvements!

Winter is coming and so is a new Spine update with plenty of Quality of Life improvements!

After the Spine 1.24.0 release in October we had more time to work on Spine and so Spine 1.25.0 improves a lot of things both for players and developers. As there are a few things to talk about I will split it up into the two categories.

For players:

While setting up my new PC I noticed that the initial installation of Spine causes and almost endless row of popups for the automatically installed projects like Gothic, Gothic 2, Ninja and Systempack. These shouldn’t have been there in the first place and now that’s fixed.

Another thing is the version numbering. For you as players not much won’t change, but internally a new version number was added. That will be used for Spine only updates. The result of this will be that we can patch projects in Spine with Spine specific stuff, but show you the same version number as e.g. a mod @ World of Gothic has. That’s basically meant to avoid confusion.

Also requested was an automatic periodic update check which now is also included. So it’s harder to miss important Spine updates as well as project updates while Spine is running. The update shouldn’t happen while you’re playing though so the popup doesn’t interrupt the game.

For those of you liking filters in the database it’s also possible now to filter out already played projects. That will only work for registered players as we track the play time only for them.

As a test we added some new code to improve the failure tolerance for downloads as we noticed a lot of errors happening that are due to timeout. In best case you should notice less failed downloads now.

And a last bigger improvement is a UI update for project dependencies. So far when you used a patch that required Ninja, Ninja was enabled while starting the mod, but there was no way you could see that. Now that dependency will also be reflected in the UI and checking the patch will automatically also check Ninja.

For developers:

The biggest change for developers is that the developer menus now are disabled by default. That happened as most Spine users aren’t devs and don’t need to see them. You can easily enable them again by adding the following line to the DEVELOPER section of the Spine.ini:


Do this while Spine is not running.

The remaining changes were mostly small bugfixes when updating files in the management. But when updating your info pages you can now also add multiple screenshots at once.

Full changelog


  • Added new Spine specific version number to avoid confusion with non-Spine versions
  • It’s possible now to add multiple screenshots at once
  • Dependencies of mods now are also directly updated in the UI
  • Developer options now are hidden by default
  • Added periodic update check every 30 minutes in order to receive updates also while Spine is in use
  • Added filter for played projects to database
  • Improved downloads in order to compensate errors
  • Unlocked achievements are highlighted a little better
  • Added possibility for patches to override other patches files


  • Reduced impact of playtime on Spine level
  • Cancelling adding new file in Management when entering relative path works now
  • Newly added file in Management now can be deleted again properly
  • Disabled popup for automatically installed projects
  • Preselection in compatibility report for patches works now

For questions and feedback either use the feedback functionality, have a look into the thread @ World of Gothic or join our Discord server.

Read more about Spine.

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