Spine 1.31.0

The Spine May update is out now with many, many bugfixes and small improvements all over the place!

The Spine May update is out now with many, many bugfixes and small improvements all over the place!

Spine 1.31 doesn’t contain any new features, but focusses on fixing some problems in Spine were either newly introduced in Spine 1.30 last month or were present for a longer time.

Already released inbetween was the new mechanism to support more fileservers. And thanks to your great support via Paypal and Patreon and our new partner Lucas de Letter [ParuSoras] we already increased our server capacity. You should have noticed way better download speeds for the last weeks already.

Sadly the new server also caused some problems for some of you, probably due to the http requests instead of https. We now added a fallback mechanism there to use the main server in case a download from the additional server fails and also added some self-signed certificate there, that actually should work as well and might solve the base problem. We’re not 100% sure though as our tests already worked fine without that certificate, but as they still work with it it should at least not be worse now.

For our Patrons we now have the option to link your Patreon account with your Clockwork account in order to get your benefits. All you need to do is login on our login page, click the “Link with Patreon” button, accept it and you’re done. When logging in again (that’s not done automatically right now after linking!) you should see the Spine badge in your profile. We will improve it soon and also while doing the UI overhaul update the profile in Spine to show it there as well… and make profiles of other users visitable.

If you encounter any problems, please let us know so we can have a look at it. Also try to provide as much information as possible like your last steps and log files.

Full changelog


  • Improved patching


  • Fixed caching of database
  • Fixed duplicated entries in update dialog when skipping an update
  • Fixed crash starting Spine in offline mode when there are files in the Gothic folders that need patches
  • Fixed starting Gothic 1 with Union always triggering patching of Gothic 1
  • Fixed sort order of downloads per version
  • Fixed bug that caused update check not to work after new upload
  • Fixed bug that caused zSpy to be always visible when starting without developer mode
  • Fixed bug that caused empty changelogs to be not really empty
  • Fixed bug that caused invalid filenames to be uploadable
  • Fixed bug that caused smaller or same version numbers to be submittable
  • Fixed bug that caused optional packages sometimes not being visible
  • Added scrollbar for updates
  • Added potential fix for randomly happening failed downloads
  • Fixed crash when patching a lot of projects at once
  • Project ID doesn’t get hidden anymore on smaller resolutions so optional packages can be downloaded
  • Fixed bug that caused download size of big projects not being displayed
  • Fixed memory leak on failing local database queries
  • Fixed bug that caused optional packages not being downloadable dependently from UI language
  • The same update now gets only displayed again during a session when at least one new update is available
  • Added fallback mechanism to use main server in case fileserver isn’t reachable
  • Fixed bug when receiving friend request
  • Fixed bug that caused multiple windows spamming when a download failed
  • Fixed crash when download fails
  • Fixed bug that caused some news not being displayed

For questions and feedback either use the feedback functionality, have a look into the thread @ World of Gothic or join our Discord server.

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