Xeres’ Return 1.0.7

It took quite a while, but finally the new patch for Xeres’ Return has been released. It fixes most of the reported issues and so fixes some quests and other problems.

It took quite a while, but finally the new patch for Xeres’ Return has been released. It fixes most of the reported issues and so fixes some quests and other problems. Savegames of previous versions are compatible, but to take full advantage of all changes you need to start a new game or at least ensure you haven’t entered the changed worlds.

As usual the update is available on Spine.

Full changelog


  • added some takes


  • Aldaro gives ring now directly after start of the Snow Ghost quest when his sickness was healed
  • Snorre now is immortal until he had his quest
  • Fixed wrong condition for removing Mika and Jesper during Paladin quest
  • Fixed wrong protection values of loot Ghost armor
  • Lord Hagen now given the right key to the hero when he shall eliminate the thieves
  • Foci at Nagon only can be delivered if quest already was given
  • Fixed corrupt savegames loading a quicksave under certain circumstances
  • Fixed wrong condition for last upgrade of Judge armor
  • Backtransformation from Half Infernal can’t kill player anymore
  • Bloodwyn now also takes teleport Obelisk from player
  • Now one can get quest “Parlan’s Ring”
  • Player doesn’t need exactly 34 green ore for assassin quest anymore
  • Reduced critical hit chance of some ice wolves in Gelato
  • Argez now should be immune against all spells
  • Lord Hagen and Hymir shouldn’t die in front of Player anymore
  • Skeleton Lord and Ghost of a Skeleton Lord now have two hand skill and deal much more damage
  • Plague quest of Saturas can’t be skipped anymore
  • fixed three of the missing monsters for Monster Hunter achievement and cancelled the other missing three as they aren’t implemented anywhere yet
  • People for attack on Old Camp (Hymir, Dexter, …) now go back to their original work after quest is completed
  • respawning some Crystal Crawlers now for quest “Auras and Crystals”
  • in case area at Bengar was cleaned without the help of Cronos the troops leave Orlan’s tavern now
  • maybe really fixed Wannabe being invincible sometimes
  • Quest of Esteban only available for bandits now
  • slightly reduced protection of lizards
  • spawned some rice-eating plants in New Camp
  • white lizards shouldn’t attack player anymore when going to temple
  • Canthar quest now continues with the woman at market place even if previous quest isn’t completed before chapter 5 started
  • added missing bookstand for last background story text *
  • Made it harder to pass blockade in sewer of Khorinis *
  • Nagur’s hiding spot now has a focus name *
  • Switched name of the two chests at Lord Andre so it is correct *
  • Added missing focus name for a chest in Beliar library *
  • Fixed zero sight area near Beliar fortress *
  • Cathran now sits on his bench *
  • Fixed usage of bookstand about Zeremony dagger *
  • Shivar in Gelato now talks to player correctly
  • green ore now has always correct orientation *
  • fixed log entry for runes for Beliar mage
  • NPCs with name in Khorata now can also be used for Anselm’s newsletter
  • fixed bug in combination with 4GB patch
  • goats now can be beaten like normal enemies
  • dialog with Saturas when finishing Rage quest works now as expected
  • picking ore in hunter camp doesn’t remove Pick Axe anymore
  • fixed value of an armor
  • fixed exploit that allowed to insert focus again and again for swamp in Relendel
  • fixed teachers not being available anymore in Beliar guild after decision in chapter 3
  • reduced damage of Axe of Doom
  • improved getting Zap spell from Saturas for Beliar story
  • added transform to rabbit scroll to prison in Old Camp when looking for Cutter *
  • fixed dialog with Whistler happening too early when chest was cleared before the quest
  • disabled teleports in Jharkendar during Beliar story questline
  • Bshydal now will be ignored by his Blood Golems
  • Bartholo now ignores transformed player if Meatbug or Rabbit

Entries marked with * only take effect when the world hasn’t been entered yet.

For questions and feedback check out the thread @ World of Gothic.

Read more about Xeres’ Return.

6 thoughts on “Xeres’ Return 1.0.7

  1. Parlan’s Ring
    How to complete it? parlans tell me that Pedro steal ring, go and find him. I start to follow the road, Isgaroth tells me go to Dragomir, Dragomir says Pedro comes to dead Garpy, Orlan say that Pedro never was there. Now in my journal is note ” i need to serious talk with Dragomir”. When i come and say him hes a liar, he start atack me, i cant deal him any damage, hes invulnerable. When he beating me he says – never name me a liar. What to do next? no new replys with npc, no new notes about it..

    1. Just double-checked that and it seems like a bug. Dragomir is invincible as he is important for the guild story of the hunters, but on the other hand he needs to be beaten for this quest. So you have to remove his invincible flag in order to beat him.
      Start marvin mode (B “marvin” B), open the console, focus Dragomir, enter “edit focus” and then enter “flags = 0”. Then you will be able to beat him.

        1. One more question! i have a note that Pedro hiding in the camp behind Dragomirs camp. But there is only senyan in the camp dehind Dragomirs… down the wall there is the only nearest camp and still there is no Pedro in it.

          1. Seems like the whole quest is buggy. Don’t know why this has never been reported to me. Just insert Pedro via the console “insert Mod_7037_NOV_Pedro_NW”.

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